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You and your firm have deep expertise advising clients on regulatory compliance best practices.
Patrina’s got industry-recognized compliance solutions to implement and execute those compliance best practices more efficiently and cost effectively.

What Patrina does for your clients

With Patrina's best-of-breed, easy-to-use integrated compliance suite your clients in the financial services sector can easily systemize and manage their:

All from a single, easy to use and comprehensive solution.

And unlike most industry solutions, Patrina does even more by delivering best-in-class enterprise records management and archiving to ensure you and your clients have 24/7, on-demand access to their regulated records.

No matter if your clients are governed by SEC or CFTC regulations, they will have peace of mind knowing that you and Patrina have their compliance needs covered.

What Patrina can do for you

By harnessing your industry knowledge to the power of Patrina’s compliance technology solutions, both your clients and ours benefit from having two industry powerhouses in their compliance corner.

But more than a simple referral of prospects to you and you to us, Patrina can support you in increasing your top line and help keep your clients in compliance with the SEC, FINRA, CFTC or NFA.

For example:

On any introductions that develop into business on our end, Patrina offers your firm that client’s first three months of gross billings (less setup fees), followed by a 10% discount on Patrina’s retail pricing going forward over the life of the account.

Or, you can simply resell a complete compliance solution, bundling in your firm’s support and consulting services. Patrina requests nothing in return for any referrals you make to us and we will support your bundling of our services.

Here’s what Patrina + YOU looks like:

We’re serious about working with you. So, here’s what a real-world example of your first-year revenue potential based on actual client invoices:

Firm Type December 2015 Invoice First 3 months due partner 10% discount collected each month by partner Total 1st Year Partner Revenue
Multi-National Brokerage $148,588 $445,764 $14,859 $579,495
Alternative Trading System $17,545 $52,635 $1,755 $68,430
Broker Dealer $18,015 $54,045 $1,802 $70,263

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