The Regulatory Landscape Continues to Change

But the rules surrounding electronic record archiving have remained consistent since their inception. SEC Rule 17a-(4) and 17 CFR 1.31 have made it clear that if your firm is governed by one of these regulations, and your firm uses electronic records, then you must follow their guidelines for how those records are to be handled or face possible repercussions. If you are a Broker-Dealer, Registered Investment Advisor, Futures Commission Merchant, Swap Exchange Facility or Swap Dealer then chances are you generate a lot of records related to your business activities and those records may be subject to the requirements of SEC 17a-(4) or 17 CFR 1.31. If you are subject to one of those regulations and your records are in electronic format, then you understand some of the challenges associated with the long-term archival and retrieval of those historical records.



Trusted Compliance Solutions

For over two decades, Patrina has worked with small and large firms alike, to ensure their electronic records meet the strict requirements set forth by their regulators. To ensure your compliance team is ready to deliver those records, and only those records required, our team works with your compliance department to develop the proper indexing scheme that fits each record type.



With Patrina’s Compliant Record Archiving solution your records are:

– automatically for quality and accuracy during the recording process

– and time-date stamped for the required period of retention

– and stored separately from the original, on a medium acceptable under 17a-4 or 17 CFR 1.31

– and indexed accurately on both original and duplicate storage media

– with Patrina’s Compliant Record Archiving platform. Once onboarded, Patrina provides your firm with our Third Party Letter of Undertaking assuring regulators that your record keeping requirements have been met.


Since 1993, Patrina has provided the securities industry with trusted compliance solutions. As a Designated Third Party, we ensure our compliant records archiving platform meets the strict requirements of SEC 17a-(4) and 17 CFR 1.31 while providing a powerful, yet easy to use interface for your users. Contact Patrina today so we can show you how easy it is to meet your regulatory recordkeeping requirements.


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