Mark Opila | Chief Executive Officer

Mark Opila presides over the executive leadership team and focuses on the overall vision and corporate strategies. Mark brings more than 15 years of leadership experience and has held the positions of Chief Operating Officer and Director of Sales and Marketing with Patrina. Prior to joining Patrina, he held leadership roles with NTT Verio where he was responsible for managing NTT’s East Coast’s Indirect and Direct Sales Channels. Prior to NTT Verio, Mark served as an Associated Person holding a Series 3 License to sell Commodity Futures while pursuing a Computer Science Degree at Broward College. Mark’s blended knowledge of technology and finance makes him especially well-attuned to the technological challenges faced by the Financial Services Sector.

Michael Vernizzi | Chief Technology Officer

Michael joined the Patrina team in February of 2023, and since day one has demonstrated his expertise in application development and network administration. Michael has 17 years of experience with Cloud Computing, C# .NET Core, Microsoft Azure, NoSQL Databases, Serverless Architecture, System Integration with Rest API and SOAP, Solution Architecture and Agile Methodology. Michael is also Microsoft Azure and Scrum certified and has shown an extraordinary ability to lead his team of developers and network administrators by example. Michael’s unique blend of creating solutions for the financial sector and his ability to understand the complexity of financial services compliance regulations is an asset to Patrina as we develop solutions that benefit the financial compliance industry.

Robert Hammill | Head of Operations and Customer Support

Since 2010, Robert has been the foundation of Patrina’s operation team. From behind-the-scenes, Robert is the key to making sure our clients’ data is processed without issue and available to them before most of us start our day. As the Head of Customer Service, Robert ensures that his team handles every client interaction in a timely and professional manner. Prior to joining Patrina, Robert trained users on various brokerage and clearing systems, before joining LaBranche and Co. as a network operator. Robert’s firsthand knowledge of trading systems and the various data sets they produce provides him with the expertise needed to manage our clients’ complex data needs.



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