Patrina’s File Archiving Software for Secure Data Management

One platform to deliver safe, secure, compliant archiving.

With our file archiving software, your data finds a secure and organized home, supported by industry-leading data archiving services that prioritize accessibility, reliability, affordability, and regulatory compliance.

Ever wondered where your critical data resides? Where’s all your stuff? Patrina’s got you covered.

Whether you store your firm’s data locally within your network or on the cloud with providers like Google Drive™ , Google Buckets™ , AWS™ or Microsoft SharePoint ™, Patrina’s Compliant Data Capture + File Storage keeps it, safe, secure, backed up off-site, and SEC Rule 17a-4 and CFR 1.31 compliant.

Our archiving system software offers a robust approach to digital data management, simplifying complex processes and ensuring the security of your valuable information.

We give you the power to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of compliance requirements while optimizing storage utilization through our intuitive Digital Archive Solution.

That’s great news for compliance and IT

Your compliance team and your IT pros will sleep better at night because Patrina’s Compliant Data Capture + File Storage consolidates your backup and records archiving. It’s also the industry’s easiest to use file capture application specifically designed to ensure you stay compliant and out of regulators’ crosshairs.

Patrina’s Compliant Data Capture + File Storage meets all requirements for electronic record archiving mandated by rules 17a-4 and CFR 1.31, and you receive Patrina’s third-party letter of undertaking to file with your regulatory body.

But there’s more to data archiving solutions!

Redefine the way you manage your data using Patrina’s advanced data archiving solutions and file archiving software. Our comprehensive suite of tools doesn’t just meet regulatory expectations; it exceeds them, setting a new standard for secure and efficient information storage. Whether you’re seeking streamlined digital archive solutions or robust file archiving Solutions, Patrina empowers your organization to navigate your data management requirements with confidence. Integrate compliance-driven practices into your daily operations while harnessing the power of cutting-edge archiving system software. With Patrina, data management transforms from a challenge into a strategic advantage.

All your regulatory bases are covered because Patrina’s Data Capture + Archiving permits you to:

  • Preserve electronic records exclusively in a non-rewritable, non-erasable format;
  • Serialize and time-date records for their required retention period;
  • Store duplicates of your records at off-site, separate and apart from the original, for as long as you are required to maintain that original;
  • Organize and preserve an accurate index on both original and duplicate storage media;
  • Send your files to Patrina whenever it’s most convenient for you. Your data. Your schedule;
  • Retrieve your files securely — whenever you want them — through Patrina’s easy to use web interface; and
  • Search your archive whenever you like, by”
  • Document date;
  • File name; Retention start date;
  • Retention period;
  • File type;
  • Date of upload;
  • File contents; and
  • Legal hold.

File archiving software that you set and forget

Patrina’s Compliant Data Capture + Archiving delivers fast, easy compliant data capture and storage, minimizing potential for unwanted regulatory fines, scrutiny, or disclosure events. Plus, it’s easy to configure. Simply install the application, give us your directories of files to archive, along with their retention periods, and Patrina takes care of the rest.

It’s that easy! Point. Click. Compliance.

So, when the regulators call, will you be ready?

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