Why Choose Patrina

Committed to your compliance needs


A group of colleagues working with capturing and analyzing transactional data, identified digital archiving, an emerging technology and recognized the potential of providing digital archiving as a service to businesses. Patrina Corporation was founded in 1993 and became the first of its kind to offer hosted enterprise records management. We have an earnest desire to provide solutions that solve real needs and we are dedicated to helping businesses capture, store, manage and better utilize ever-growing amounts of information. We have built a legacy of service over the last 20 years by providing phenomenal support and strategic data management solutions to companies from Wall Street to Main Street. Technologies change but our ethos remains the same – we continue to evolve as a forward thinking, innovative company striving for the success of its constituents.

Our Solutions

We provide our clients with cost-effective solutions that promote compliance efficiency and enhance user productivity.
We invest in best of breed technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions that are flexible and that address our clients most pressing compliance needs.
Incorporating the highest levels of security and providing scalable solutions is paramount, and this is embedded in our ethos. Our technological infrastructure reflects this with ironclad security, disaster recovery planning, and high availability to exceed the expectations of our most demanding clients.
Your compliance needs are our top priority which is why every client is assigned a project leader and an account manager. Building long-term business relationships and solving compliance challenges are what matters to us.

Building a partnership


We believe that fostering a long-term relationship begins with a complete understanding of each of our clients’ unique needs and a steadfast approach to providing solutions. After twenty-three years, we still treat our first client as if they were are only client, and we want to extend that philosophy your compliance needs. We are the partner you will value today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. Contact us today and take the first step to meeting your compliance challenges.