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Whether you run a team of 20 or are the sole compliance professional in your organization. The Chief Compliance Roundtable focuses on all aspects of regulatory compliance, learning from every members’ wins and losses to arrive at best compliance practices.

Membership is limited only to Chief Compliance Professionals.


What is the Chief Compliance Officer Roundtable? The Chief Compliance Officer Roundtable is a peer-to-peer mastermind resource group. Each Roundtable is comprised of a select group of CCOs (5-10 max per group). Each group meets monthly to discuss, in confidence, best practices in compliance, what works, and what doesn’t in their organizations.

Who can be a member? Membership is limited to Chief Compliance Officers.

What is your commitment if you join? There is no membership fee. However, as all groups are limited in size, participation is critical. During the Pandemic, all meetings are virtual via Zoom.

Will we ever meet with other groups? Yes. And there is an annual Chief Compliance Officer Summit for all Roundtable members


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