Hassle-free Compliance to Broker-Dealers

Patrina Delivers Hassle-free Compliance to Broker-Dealers

Get out of the office. Go home! Go to the movies! Watch TV.

Whatever you do, stop spending nights and weekends at the office monitoring your broker-dealer compliance functions. And stop juggling multiple systems to manage your firm’s regulatory compliance!

Sign up here for a 15-minute demo to see how Patrina’s Integrated Compliance Suite for Broker-Dealers delivers a single, powerfully integrated platform to automate workflow and deliver a 360º view of your entire, non-trading compliance program.

Built on the industry’s easiest-to- use-interface, Patrina’s 8 powerful modules systematize and manage your firm’s messaging, WSPs, marketing materials, branch office audits, gifts and entertainment reporting, political contributions, complaint management, and OBAs.

Be safe, secure and compliant while you sleep and without breaking the bank — as little as $1.25 per user per month for key modules.

Sign up here for a 15-minute demo to see how Patrina can help you nip potential exposures in the bud faster and more effectively. Save time. Save money. Manage risk. Be compliant.

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