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What does IEX Group, Inc.’s CCO say about why his company has relied on Patrina’s compliance resources to keep his firm compliant since 2013?

" IEX Group, Inc. operates a stock exchange and affiliated broker-dealer, and knows well the critical function of handling data flawlessly. Since 2013, we have trusted Patrina to retrieve, process, and store our files in a way that is designed to keep us compliant with our recordkeeping obligations. We could not be happier to continue to partner with them in this highly trusted and valued relationship."

– Rob Dukensherer, Chief Compliance Officer, IEX Group, Inc.

Why does Integrity Compliance Consulting recommend Patrina’s regulatory compliance solutions to their state- and SEC-registered clients?

" I recommend Patrina to my state- and SEC-registered RIA clients because their email archiving system is equal to any in the market, and better yet, it’s less expensive than any of the others. Patrina offers a comprehensive compliance suite so that my SEC and state RIAs can inexpensively capture everything in one portal. "

– David R. Millar, Integrity Compliance Consulting, Inc.


    Patrina leads the industry in Enterprise Compliance & Records Management for the Exchanges, Financial Services and Insurance sectors

    Helping you keep your organization regulatory compliant is job one at Patrina. We are 17a-4 compliance specialists, committed to making records management easy and affordable. Exactly the compliance support and solutions you need, when you need it.

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    Compliance Suite

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    without paying for filler.

    Wherever you back up your data, Patrina’s Compliant Archiving keeps it safe, secure and compliant.

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