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If you want to reach your audience, and make sure they can reach you, the clear solution is texting. Did you know that 95% of texts are responded to in less than three minutes, and less than 25% of emails are even opened? If you’re not using text messaging to reach your clients or potential clients, know that your competitors are!

Let Patrina with Myrepchat text message capturing give your team the leg up on your competition. Compliantly capture your team’s text messages and supervise their content with Patrina’s compliant archiving for as little as $12 per user. Whether you must meet FINRA, CFTC, FERC, TCPA or any other electronic message compliance, Patrina is there to help.

Schedule a call with us now and let us show you why FINRA has chosen Patrina to participate in its Preferred Pricing Program for the last four years.



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