FINRA marketing compliance

One platform to build and maintain a culture of compliance


Speed to market matters. So what if you could reduce the time it takes to create, execute, approve, and distribute all your digital and conventional marketing communications:

Your ads?

Your brochures?

Your whitepapers?

Your direct mail outreach?

FINRA, and various state, federal, and other regulatory agencies’ requirements can slow the process of compliantly managing your firm’s advertising, public relations, and marketing communications processes.

Patrina’s Marketing Materials Module can speed the compliance process


One of 8 powerful modules built on the industry’s easiest-to-use interface, Patrina’s Marketing Materials Module streamlines the regulator-required approval process so you can move your marketing materials out of the concept phase and into the hands of your employees, clients, prospects, and referral sources.

Whether you are a one-branch shop or a multinational, Patrina’s Marketing Materials Module enables your marketing team to efficiently:

  • Submit marketing material for review and approval;
  • Choose appropriate delivery methods ;
  • Assign FINRA rules definitions; and
  • Target audiences based on investment objective, time horizon, risk tolerance, and investment experience.
  • View and comment on content;
  • Approve or reject material;
  • Create a “first use date” and “sunset date;” and
  • Add approved material to a searchable database of approved marketing material.
  • Access approved marketing pieces that have not yet reached their sunset dates;
  • Circulate targeted marketing pieces approved for a specific segment of investors; and
  • Submit planned email, social media, or other public communications for pre-approval.
firna marketing compliance Rule 2210
firna marketing compliance Rule 2210
firna marketing compliance Rule 2210
firna marketing compliance Rule 2210

Craft the right message compliantly


You develop captivating creative. Patrina will speed your approval/distribution process. And, we’ll help you archive all your marketing materials in accordance with SEC 17(a)-4 guidelines.

Patrina’s that simple

Point. Click. Compliance..

So, when the regulators call, will you be ready?


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