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Patrina’s easy-to-use message archiving platform and phenomenal support are here to help you meet your compliance obligations. For over 20 years, the Financial Services industry has leaned on Patrina for all of their data governance needs, and as a trusted Designated Third Party we ensure your message review and archiving requirements are met.

An alphabet soup of regulators


If your firm is regulated by FINRA, you can feel confident that Patrina’s message archiving platform meets the stringent requirements of your regulating body. Our message archiving platform provides the tools you need to archive and supervise all your communications so that you can efficiently respond to examiner requests, and mitigate the risk associated with non-compliant communications.

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    • Full indexing to maximize search
    • Customize flagging lexicons
    • Execute percent sampling of all messaging
    • Flag messages for follow up
    • Monitor social engagement to ensure compliance with SEC and FINRA regulations
    • Save and repeat search criteria making data retrieval quick and convenient
    • Built-in tools to automate review assignments
    • Control access and permission to view messages from specific groups
    • Analyze risk and reassign/escalate oversight
    • Maintain a full audit trail, archive, and import legacy messages
    • Generate reports for review and regulator requests
    • And more…

    Supported Content




    Microsoft Exchange

    Microsoft Lync


    Google Mail



    Office 365

    Yahoo Messenger



    It’s not a matter of if….It’s a matter of when


    You know your time is coming and you know reviewing your firm’s communications is always an examiner’s top priority. With Patrina you now have the confidence you need to respond to any request for your firm’s communications. Patrina’s comprehensive and easy-to-use Message Archiving platform will help you supervise, screen and review your firm’s communications so you are prepared for your examination. And when that time comes, Patrina’s team is there to assist you in producing those records, and only those records, needed to fulfill the examiner’s request.

    FINRA-Only compliant message archiving