We want you to sleep better at night! Announcing Patrina Compliance News

Bad things happen when your reps don’t keep you in the loop…
April 13, 2016
The CFB Board censures bad CFPs…
April 27, 2016
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We want you to sleep better at night! Announcing Patrina Compliance News

What keeps you up at night?


Whether you’re the head of your company or head compliance at a Broker-Dealer, RIA or FCM, you’ve got a lot on your mind — juggling clients, managing teams and keeping abreast of the ever-growing alphabet soup of regulatory compliance. You’ve got to be exhausted. (We’re tired just thinking about what you do!)


Patrina wants to help you stop the madness

Patrina, the number one provider of comprehensive integrated compliance solutions is pleased to announce publication of the number one resource for breaking regulatory compliance news, Patrina Compliance News.


A bi-weekly summary and analysis of regulatory activities, enforcement, and compliance updates, Patrina Compliance News delivers news you can use to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and thoroughly prepared to give the regulators what they want when they want it.


No one is immune from regulation

If you are charged with compliance, you know you’re facing increased oversight which requires you to juggle more paper, more files, more data. Regulatory compliance requirements are getting more all-consuming and complying can often times feel like an undertaking without end.


If your compliance function is under pressure to do more with less, what are the options? Sign up for Patrina Compliance News and we’ll deliver it right to your inbox twice every month.


Got other questions about regulatory compliance? Then, let’s talk (212-233-1155). Patrina’s got comprehensive compliance solutions and compliance recordkeeping specifically designed for you.


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