The SEC and the rest of the regulator alphabet want your records…NOW!

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August 10, 2016
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August 24, 2016
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The SEC and the rest of the regulator alphabet want your records…NOW!

Where’s your stuff? In a file room? Off-site storeroom? In the cloud? Are you still shuffling paper? Or glued to your computer screen scrolling through file after file after file?

The regulators are coming. Like the SEC, CFTC, and the rest of the regulatory alphabet, they even warn you by posting their actions and plan of “attack” on their websites. Then…they sneak up on you.

Shhhhh. The regulators are at the door. Shhhhh.

Take the Security and Exchange Commission, for example. On its website it posts out loud that “All SEC investigations are conducted privately. Facts are developed to the fullest extent possible through informal inquiry, interviewing witnesses, examining brokerage records, reviewing trading data, and…other methods.” When a formal order of investigation is issued, SEC Enforcement Division staff may “compel witnesses by subpoena to testify and produce books, records, and other relevant documents.

Will you be ready…then?

The answer to that question depends on your platform. What are you using?

Here’s a little commercial: Patrina is committed to ensuring our clients have the compliance tools they need so that when the regulators come calling, they can deliver — the records, documents — whatever the regulators require.

So we’ve added an important new service to Patrina’s suite of compliance solutions: Patrina Compliant Data Capture + File Storage. One platform to deliver safe, secure, compliant archiving

Data safe, secure, archived and compliant

Whether you store your firm’s data locally within your network or on the cloud with providers like Google Drive,™ Patrina’s Compliant Data Capture + File Storage keeps it, safe, secure, archived off-site, and SEC Rule 17a-4 and CFR 1.31 compliant.

We think that’s great news for compliance and IT

Patrina’s Compliant Data Capture + File Storage is designed to permit your compliance team and your IT pros to sleep better at night because it consolidates your backup and records archiving. It’s also the industry’s easiest to use file capture application specifically designed to ensure clients stay compliant and out of regulators’ crosshairs.

You set it and forget it!

Patrina’s Compliant Data Capture + File Storage delivers fast, easy compliant data capture and archiving, minimizing the potential for unwanted regulatory fines, scrutiny, or disclosure events. Plus, it’s easy to configure. Simply install the application, give us your directories of files to archive, along with their retention periods, and Patrina takes care of the rest.

Are you the watcher?

If you are charged with compliance, you know you’re facing increased oversight which requires you to juggle more paper, more files, more data. Regulatory compliance requirements are getting more all-consuming and complying can often times feel like an undertaking without end. If your compliance function is under pressure to do more with less, what are the options?

Let’s talk (212-233-1155). Ask about Patrina’s comprehensive compliance solutions and compliance recordkeeping specifically designed for the financial services community.

Let’s talk.