Email Archiving Companies Improve Work Life

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June 17, 2014
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September 24, 2014
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Email Archiving Companies Improve Work Life

3 Ways An Email Archiving Company Like Patrina Can Improve Your Work Life

As anyone who has been subject to litigation or an audit while using in-house email archiving knows, it seems like a good system until the dreaded notice of discovery shows-up. When that happens, the pit-falls stand out like a black eye.Often it leads to sleepless nights tracking down emails that ‘should’ have been saved but seem to have disappeared, or multi-day quests for that missing reply.  You can eliminate many future headaches and improve your work life by using a reputable email archiving company like Patrina.  Here are three benefits to consider:

  1. Peace of Mind   The benefits of a quality email archiving company such as what we provide here at Patrina is peace of mind knowing you have a support team ready to support you and your critical records are protected and accessible when you need them. This makes providing discovery an easier process and allows you to focus your attention on more pressing matters.
  2. Secure Data Storage   By using WORM formatting, Patrina’s storage of your data not only ensures that it’s secure and able to be found quickly and easily, but also provides the security of knowing that your emails can’t be accused of tampering. All of this protection is afforded instantly, automatically, and seamlessly so that you and your fellow employees can work without needing to worry about archiving.
  3. Regulatory Compliance   What’s more, our archiving platform complies with record keeping recommendations and regulations from the SEC, FINRA, CFTC, and FRCP to name a few. This allows you to focus on what you do best and eliminates the risk of non-compliance.

Patrina’s Email Archiving Solutions

Patrina is more than just an archiving company. Beyond our easy-to-use email archiving platform, you also gain a phenomenal support team when you chose Patrina. We have been helping our clients manage their critical records more efficiently for over 20 years. So lose the headaches by reaching out to us today for a free consultation or product demonstration. Our data experts will work with you to determine an archiving solution that best suits your business needs.