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The world is digital. And so are the email and text messaging accounts your professionals, staff, and research teams rely on for fast, efficient, secure communications – internally and with patients. Your communications regarding patient information may be subject to strict record retention requirements, which means you must at minimum:

  • Set up access controls;
  • Encrypt all data at rest;
  • Maintain audit logs;
  • Enable two-factor authentication;
  • Schedule regular back-ups; and
  • Be able to perform complex searches of your archives for e-discovery requests.

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    HIPAA Privacy Rule says email is OK if you protect PHI


    If you are a covered health care provider, you know that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) Privacy Rule and Health Information Technology Act (HITECH) permit your organization to communicate electronically with patients. Your teams may email or text your patients and your patients may email and text your healthcare teams so long as you apply reasonable safeguards to protect patient health information (PHI). Key is the implementation of stringent privacy and security controls, including the electronic archiving of every electronic communication.

    Patrina’s got you covered


    Whether you need straightforward email archiving or multi-system records archiving, Patrina’s comprehensive yet user friendly archiving platform retains and delivers ready access to the ever-expanding volume of records you must maintain. You get an easy-to-access archive of internal, patient and vendor communications organization-wide for risk management, internal oversight, or regulatory review, even potential litigation documentation.

    Compliant Healthcare Records Archiving Solutions


    Patrina provides the power you need to capture, consolidate and manage all of your data anytime, anywhere. We provide an archiving platform that preserves and consolidates all of your critical electronic records into a secure and globally accessible archive. One platform for your image files, emails, social media, structured/unstructured data and text messages. Patrina’s easy to use supervisory tools will help you to manage and minimize risk, reduce operational expenses and enforce regulatory requirements. With Patrina you can quickly locate, manage and produce the information you need when you need it most. We continue to be the smart choice for organizations needing a compliant end-to-end Records Archiving solution that handles all of your communications archiving needs.

    So, when the regulators call, will you be ready?


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