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Get FREE compliant text message archiving
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SMS texting platform for a BYOD environment.
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When you need more than data archiving

Ready. Set. Text! You read that right. With Patrina and MyRepChat staying compliant with text message archiving is easier for financial services professionals.

With MyRepChat you can effectively and efficiently communicate with clients while Patrina’s comprehensive and easy-to-use Message Archiving platform will help you supervise, screen and review your firm’s communications.

Combining Patrina’s Message Archiving Platform with MyRepChat gives you the confidence you need to respond to any request for your firm’s SMS communications. And when that time comes, Patrina’s team is there to assist you in producing those records, and only those records, needed to fulfill the examiner’s request.


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This offer will only be available for the first 1000 users. 

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With Patrina + MyRepChat, you and your team can now text message clients compliantly through their primary messaging platform: SMS, and you can send individual or mass text messages to selected contacts and groups. Type it once. Hit send once. Each contact automatically receives an individual message.

Why use Patrina + MyRepchat as an Advisor?

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Why use Patrina + MyRepchat as a Firm?

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Patrina + MyRepChat:


Why use Patrina + MyRepchat as an Advisor or as a firm?

There are no apps for clients to download. No software for clients to manage. Just straightforward communication that’s crisp, clear, and regulatory compliant.

Integrates with Microsoft Outlook™

You can schedule text message reminders at the same time you calendar meetings.



Provides all users with a vCard for automated dissemination of their contact information, and automates review assignments.

Structures group messages to deliver one communication to many people

Each contact automatically receives an individual message. You can even schedule single or recurring message deliveries as far into the future as you like.


Permits unlimited scheduled messages. Schedules unlimited recurring messages — like appointment reviews!

The same things you love, but better

Uses your computer-based platform or your phone to text clients and prospects while maintaining a full audit trail and archive of all messages. 

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We have several live demos scheduled for both advisors and compliance officers to learn more about how our product works, and how it can help you run your business better. Join us today for a live demo! Sign up today to reserve your spot!

Only 1000 user licenses available!

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Your 3 months of compliant text archiving is on Patrina. 

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Sign up now while there’s time and spots left!

Only 1000 user licenses available!

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