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Enterprise Records Management – Many Challenges with One Clear Solution

The world is expanding, and so is your business. Companies adjust business strategies, switch gears, restructure, in order to stay competitive. Everything your business does today will impact tomorrow – but sometimes history can be lost with changes. Preserving records are in an integral part of running a successful business, and successful businesses demand serious Enterprise Records Management (ERM) systems.

Whether your recordkeeping requirements are dictated by a regulatory agency or by internal shareholders, Patrina’s ERM system provides the power your business needs to consolidate and preserve all of your critical electronic records on a secure and globally accessible platform. Our secure hosted archiving platform will help you quickly locate, manage and produce the information you need…when you need it most.

Top Reasons Businesses Choose Patrina for Data Management and Archiving

  • Data is captured, preserved and consolidated into a secure and accessible archive
  • Manage all records across organizations more efficiently through a unified archive
  • Preserve legacy data to save time and operational resources while lowering regulatory risk
  • Gain control with secure access controls to ensure information is only available to authorized users
  • Unify records by combining multiple data sources into a consolidated view
  • Spend less on storage, software licensing, hardware and overall data center expenses
  • Powerful search analytics for quick access to the information you need
  • Our platform is customized specifically to meet your specific business needs
  • We provide compliant data archive by storing files on WORM media
  • As a designated third party provider, we help businesses to meet record keeping obligations such as SEC 17 a-4 and 17 CFR 1.31
  • Data is available anytime, anywhere through our secure online access
  • The bottom line is your bottom line; we help companies solve business-critical information management needs
  • Everyone at Patrina are great!

    Mary Carlson

    Operations, HC Denison

  • This is overall a great product and it has the support of some of the best staff I’ve had the pleasure of working with.



  • I have seen many products in my 35+ years in this business and none can compete with Patrina. The product saves me many hours per week and is invaluable for any regulatory inquiries.

    Eugene Torpey

    Chief Compliance Officer, Vandham Securities

A Trusted Partner

For over 20 years, we have worked closely with businesses of all sizes to develop a deep understanding of their process and challenges. In turn they have relied on our vast expertise in Enterprise Records Management to provide solutions that help save time and money, while reducing risk. Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with your records management challenges.

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