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Blazing the Enterprise Records Management Trail – Since 1993

A group of colleagues working with capturing and analyzing transactional data, identified digital archiving, an emerging technology and recognized the potential of providing digital archiving as a service to businesses. Patrina Corporation was founded in 1993 and became the first of its kind to offer hosted enterprise records management. We have an earnest desire to provide solutions that solve real needs and we are dedicated to helping businesses capture, store, manage and better utilize ever-growing amounts of information. We have built a legacy of service over the last 20 years by providing phenomenal support and strategic data management solutions to companies from Wall Street to Main Street. Technologies change but our ethos remains the same – we continue to evolve as a forward thinking, innovative company striving for the success of its constituents.

1For Us it’s a Matter of Ethos.
Our clients and the services we provide create the very core of our business. We measure our success by your success and stake nothing less than our company reputation on ensuring just one thing: that our clients are always glad they chose to work with us.
2Enterprise Records Management- Serious Solutions for Real Business Needs.
Whether your business is regulated or unregulated, subject to compliance or not, data is a digital asset you can’t afford to lose. Patrina provides mission critical protection with secure access to your data when you need it most. We deliver an end-to-end records management solution that preserves and unifies all your mission critical information into a single, globally accessible platform. Our platform includes easy to use supervisory tools that improve operation efficiencies and reduce risk.
3Flexible Solutions- Take your Own Path.
We align our flexible, proprietary platform to meet your specific business needs. Our clients come from multiple industry sectors, and we provide solutions from simple to highly complex solutions. We deliver flexible, data management solutions that improve our clients daily work lives, from business intelligence, content screening or workflow automation. We deliver services as unique as your data and when it comes to solutions. We are here. We are ready.
4Culture of Service- Your Data. Our Priority.
Nothing is more important to us than our clients. Nothing is more important to our clients than their data. Hosted and serviced in the continental US, we are a right hand resource for businesses needing more than just data archiving… You need a trusted resource. You need Patrina.
5Expertise- Powered by People. Putting Your Data to Work.
We are your information managers, building intelligence around your data and providing a secure, easy to retrieve information library specifically engineered to meet your business objectives. We are confident in what we do, providing powerful data management solutions that put your data to work.
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